The EveryoneHealthy Project

The Everyone Healthy Project is dedicated in uniting people around the world for the common cause of improving the health of everyone.

Our Mission and Purpose

  • We aim to provide an open and free online Health and Medical Platform to facilitate the improvement of health for everyone.
  • To help find the best treatment or cure for every disease through the use of global cooperation and the development of bio-medical computer simulation technology.
  • To provide well researched pathways to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Inspire an era where individuals can unite together with the vision of improving the health and well being of everyone around the world. So we can all live in a world of harmony and health, without the pain of hunger, disease and suffering.
  • To provide information and/or infrastructure on how to create a manageable, sustainable, affordable systems to obtain clean water and food production in local harsh environments.
  • To explore methods of eradicating malnutrition, the largest cause of ill health in the world.

Online Medical Self-Diagnosis

Try our online medical symptoms checker*. Please use the results as a useful, but not accurate guide.

*Your medical history, life style, behaviour and risk factors are not currently incorporated into the processing of a diagnosis, which does lead to inaccuracies with the diagnostic results.

In no way can we ensure the 100% correctness of the information presented. This should not replace Professional Medical Consultation.